Avast Password Manager vs LastPass

No one can remember unique passwords for a huge number of sites. How to make life easier? Two words: a password manager. In this article, we will consider the most popular solutions – Avast Password Manager vs LastPass.

How a password manager works?

Even if your password consists of 20 characters, it contains signs, numbers, and letters of different cases – this does not guarantee the security of your account. Cybersecurity experts advise against using the same password across multiple sites. It is not necessary to memorize all passwords you use or write them down somewhere. There have been password managers for a long time, which act as a kind of safe, inside which all your cherished combinations are stored. Moreover, there are both offline and online tools.

When registering on a new site or in the application, indicate the login and password to enter. Unique registration data defend your account from unauthorized access. The longer and more complex the invented password, the more difficult it is to crack it.

If all accounts have the same password, then if it is stolen, the attackers gain access to all user accounts. But coming up with your own password for each account is unrealistic – it is impossible to remember so much information at once. This is where password managers come in handy.

The functions of password managers include:

  • Store passwords in one place;
  • Protect data;
  • Automatically fill in forms;
  • Generate complex passwords;
  • Identify dangerous sites.

There is no need to worry about data security. These utilities use powerful AES encryption with a virtually unbreakable 256-bit key. Such a database can only be unlocked with the correct master password. Thus, the user does not need to remember the password for each of his accounts, but only the master password that opens the safe with all other codes.

Avast Password Manager or LastPass?

Avast developers have made every effort to make the authorization procedure for multiple accounts as fast, simple, and secure as possible. Introducing Avast Passwords, a brand new solution for faster, more secure authentication.

With Avast Passwords, you can:

  • Create unique, strong passwords for each account;
  • Keep all credentials in one secure location;
  • Keep personal data safe;
  • Use online form autocomplete in one click;
  • Use online form autocomplete using the Safari extension available in the taskbar at the bottom of the screen;
  • Receive instant notifications if one or more passwords are compromised.

Avast Passwords cannot be downloaded separately. But you can download a trial version of Premiere Antivirus or Internet Security. The free period lasts exactly one month, and then you have to purchase a subscription.

When we talk about LastPass, it is an easy-to-use manager with a free monthly premium period. You don’t have to pay: all basic functions are available in a free tariff plan. There is no Russification, but everything is quite simple, so you can figure it out with school English.

LastPass stores encrypted information on cloud servers. This means that you can use it as password storage not only on a personal computer and easily share passwords with family members. LastPass’s free features include two-factor authentication and multiple profiles. The manager also has a password generator function.

LastPass’s key advantage over the competition is price. This manager is distributed free of charge in its basic version. There is only one user in LastPass Free Mode. If you take a paid premium account, you get additional authentication options, competent technical support, and the ability to sync data between your desktop and mobile devices.