What makes Avast secure?

Avast VPN Encryption

To guarantee the most robust security to every single customer, Avast SecureLine VPN utilizes a 256-bit advanced encryption standard (AES) to establish a tunnel which is impossible to infiltrate. This bank-grade coding is widely used in business organizations and top government institutions around the globe.

Note that SecureLine encrypts the ports on your browser and PC which makes it hardly possible for anyone to snoop on you.

Avast SecurityLine utilizes the OpenVPN protocol with OpenSSL libraries on top of UDP ports which guarantees security, high speeds, and transparency.

It also uses Internet Protocol Security (IPsec) which checks loads of data going through protocol networks. Thus, data flow between two hosts, two security gateways, and/or a security gateway and a host remain protected.

Avast SecureLine gives strong DNS leak protection. Whatever you are busy within the virtual world, you may be sure none of your personal data leaks outward the VPN. You will remain incognito and secure.

Does Avast keep logs?

Avast VPN Logging

Times, when only businesses used VPN to safeguard their data, are gone. Nowadays, more individuals become aware of the need to watch their anonymity. No one wants to be tracked or monitored by curious parties. Thus, when choosing a VPN, people want to be sure it does not keep any logs of their online activities.

Avast SecureLine claims they do not keep data logs and only collect some information to make their services better. In particular, this is the time when you connect and disconnect to a particular server, the interim when you stay in the tunnel, and the amount of data transmitted during the session.

Avast does not keep record of your IP address or browsing history, so there is nothing to worry about. And still, users who seek for absolute privacy may find these minor logging a big turn-off.

Overall, we like what Avast offers to protect their customers’ privacy. In fact, their logging is what the majority of other VPN providers have, so no need to sweat about that.

Accessing Geo-restricted Content with Avast

Bypassing Geo Blocks

Avast does a great job protecting their users from snoopers. However, its VPN capabilities are limited to 55 servers only, which is really few if compared to other vendors. The gateways are situated in 30 countries in both Americas, Europe, and Asia. The US, Canada, Spain, Germany, UK, and Russia have more than 2 servers; the United States host 16 of them.

The company would not give up the efforts to unblock Netflix. In fact, some users say they managed to connect to Netflix through a few of Avast’s gateways in the US. However, it is hard to achieve a stable connection. The reason is simple: Avast’s network of servers is so tiny that the streaming giant has no problem blocking all of them.

But we found that SecureLine VPN had no problems unblocking NBC, Comedy Central, Hulu. Plus, people may use Avast’s servers for torrenting. Moreover, the company allows a peer to peer connections through eight data centers located in the US and Europe. This is a good thing, especially if you cannot live without torrents yet want to be secure.

Is SecureLine VPN Lightening Fast as Avast Promises?

Avast VPN Speed

When picking a VPN provider, one of the key aspects to consider is the speeds it provides, in particular, the download speed. No matter how great your VPN is, it must be good enough for streaming your favorite video content. Otherwise, it makes no sense to utilize it.

Well, Avast does well on that. Despite the small number of servers, all of them provide great speeds. In fact, some reviewers even ranked Avast among top 10 fastest providers. The company also says they put their servers through stress tests and see average speeds of 450-600 Mbits per second.

So, for our Avast VPN review, we decided to experience Avast’s speeds ourselves and checked a few of their gateways in the US, Europe, and Japan.

The results for the Seattle server: download – 66.78 Mbps, upload – 14.01 Mbps. The Swedish server showed us the following: download – 65.88 Mbps, upload – 38.04 Mbps. The Japanese server performed somewhat worse: 30.02 Mbps when downloading and 29.01 while uploading. This is good enough if compared to some other VPNs. In fact, the results are average.

Compatible Platforms and Usability

The VPN software is foolproof and works equally well for all operating systems and devices. There is no difference whether you are a PC or Mac user, want to have a VPN on your iPhone/iPad or Android, Avast covers them all.

Your only task is to click or tap a button in the interface window to get connected. When working on this Avast SecureLine VPN review, we haven’t encountered any issues when changing servers. Also, it is simple to customize Avast the way you prefer using the Preferences menu.

Get App for Your OS

How much does Avast SecureLine VPN cost?

Avast VPN Price

Avast’s products are quite affordable if compared to what other vendors offer. This also applies to the SecureLine VPN. In fact, the prices for mobile devices are very attractive.

Thus, a yearly subscription for one Android device/ iPad/ iPhone will cost you $19.99. If you are not sure you will use the VPN for 12 months in a row, pay attention to the monthly subscription offer which is $2.29 only. You may also first get the 7-day trial version.

If you opt for a VPN for your PC or Mac, check the company’s single and multiple-device options. Those are available for one, two, and three years. However, the best pick is the 5 devices cross-platform offer which makes $79.99/year. Thus, you will spend only $1.33 a month for each of the five devices with the VPN. Sounds like a good deal for the advantages you get.

The only thing which seems odd is the lack of flexibility in pricing. You can’t pay for let’s say three or six months as other providers offer. So, if it is a problem for you, consider other options available in the market.

Avast Customer Service

Ticketing System

Each time you send a request to Avast you will get a ticket allowing to track the request’s status.

Phone Support

Get free top quality 24/7 tech support for every single device you are having problems with.

Avast Forum

Become a part of Avast users’ community to read, ask and respond to questions related to Avast products.

FAQ Section

Find the answers to the most common queries about Avast SecureLine VPN on Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS.

What do we like about Avast VPN and things to be improved

What do we like about Avast VPN and things to be improved

  • Reliable and secure. Avast VPN uses advanced bank-grade encryption and the soundest protocols.
  • Easy to use. The VPN software is straightforward and can be easily customized.
  • P2P is allowed. With SecureLine VPN, you can stream your beloved videos and games wherever you are.
  • Few servers and only 8 suitable for torrenting. The small number of servers may cause slowdowns in speeds.
  • Inflexible pricing. Users have to pick among one of the very few subscription options.
  • Few supported platforms. Avast VPN cannot be installed on a router, Amazon Firestick or Fire TV, and even Linux is not supported.

Is Avast VPN good?

Is Avast VPN Good

Our Avast SercureLine VPN review shows that the service is not bad. It is quick, simple, supports torrenting, and has gateways on all continents. Plus, the VPN is a creation of the company with a trusted name.

Because of the rigid pricing policy and a limited set of features, this is an excellent VPN for novices who only need 100% anonymity and nothing else. Advanced users might want more.

The fact that its network of servers is quite limited is not necessarily bad. It is easier to maintain them and thus, provide better services to customers. From another hand, the small number of servers makes it easy for Netflix to block all of them. So, if you are a Netflix addict and demand a VPN for it, search for a different provider.

Another reason why you may want to pick a different VPN is Avast’s logging policy. Although they collect only connection logs and keep users’ information for just 30 days, if absolute privacy is your top priority, you would rather choose a VPN that keeps zero logs.

If you still have doubts get the SecureLine trial offer to experience the services yourself. Seven days is more than enough to decide whether to utilize the VPN for longer.

VPN: Frequently Asked Questions

Avast VPN Price
Is VPN legal?
Yes, VPNs are legal in the majority of countries on Earth. In fact, VPNs’ primary task was to secure business networks. Later they became available for common users. The majority of VPN providers do all they can to protect their customers from spying eyes and give them the best security and safety. Moreover, there are no rules or restrictions on how you should utilize your VPN. But you cannot use VPNs for illegal things (promoting drugs or weapons, dealing with human trafficking, etc.) and will be prosecuted according to the laws of your country if you do.
Are VPNs safe to use?
Virtual private networks were created to allow corporate staff using their company’s network from different places. Thus, VPNs guarantee anonymity to their users. They will also provide strong security features to protect you against hacking attacks. Usually, VPN uses bank-grade encryption and reliable protocols which makes it impossible for anyone to trace you. Note that free VPNs cannot provide the same level of safety. They need to make money somewhere and thus, might sell your data to advertisers or use it in other ways to get profits. So, if you cannot afford a paid service, make sure the free provider is reliable.
Can you be tracked when you use a VPN?
When you start using a VPN, your traffic becomes encrypted. Thus, no one can trace you except the VPN company. If somebody tries to snoop on your traffic, all they will see is encoded data going to and from your VPN server. Your VPN provider may possess some of your data (the time when you logged in, bandwidth, your IP address, etc.) However, these things are very limited and are usually kept for a short period of time.
How do I set up a VPN?
The first thing is to download the VPN’s app. The vendor’s website should have it. However, this is not obligatory, and you may settle your network settings to connect to the VPN immediately. Once you download the app, you will be suggested to type in your login information. Usually, this is your username and password which you created when signing up. Some vendors may assign you with the username. When you are logged in, the VPN will connect you to the closest server. From now on, everything you do online is secured by the VPN’s tunnel. You can pick a different server immediately.

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Not bad but the speeds on some servers could be better.

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I really like the way SecureLine is organized. Everything is simple and understandable.

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I really love Avast’s customer support. Always helpful and fast.



I really like the way SecureLine is organized. Everything is simple and understandable.